How To Fix Cable TV Problem Yourself

Introduction You’ve just called the cable company for the fifth time, hoping that with this appointment you’ll get a technician that knows and/or wants to fix your problem. What if I show you how to fix cable TV problem yourself. No, I’m not trying to sell you a magical device that will stop your television from freezing. What I’m giving you …

broken ethernet plug

How To Repair A Broken Ethernet Plug

Introduction ou just broke the tab on your ethernet plug, and now you’re experiencing intermittent connection on your computer. I’ve been there taping up the ethernet port so the wire won’t come out. But it doesn’t look good having all the duct tape holding the wire in place. There’s a few ways you could do to solve this problem. You …

how to setup your home network

How To Setup Your Home Network

You just bought a new wireless router but don’t know how to setup your home network. I’m going to show you some easy steps to prevent unauthorized use. Who Going To Use Your Network You got to ask yourself who going to use your home network. Will young children be using the internet? Or does your teenager spend more time …

how to install wireless router

How To Install Wireless Router

On this tutorial I’ll show you how to install your wireless router. You could literally install your router in less then 5 minutes including the time it took you to unpack your device. In fact, reading this tutorial will take longer than installing your wireless router. So Why Are You Here? Not everyone is able to jump right in head first …

how to install WordPress plugin

How To Install WordPress Plugin

In the beginning I didn’t know how to install WordPress plugin, themes, NOTHING! But lucky for you I am a fast learner and I’m willing to past my knowledge with you for free.

xbox one

Where To Buy A Xbox One

So you wasn’t among the thousand of die hard fans that waited for hours in the cold to get their hands on the Xbox One. Now most store are out of stock and you’re bitching to your friends that you should’ve, could’ve or would’ve but didn’t. Stop your whining you sissy and continue reading!

How To Make A Ethernet Crossover Cable

Crossover Cable Diagram There’s two types of color scheme to use. T-568A (color scheme A) and T-568B (color scheme B). The widely used scheme that I have seen is color scheme B. You could use any of the two to create your crossover cable. There’s no difference except the way the color is configured. Just make sure whatever scheme you …

PS4 Vs Xbox One

PS4 Vs Xbox One

It been weeks since the launch of the two most anticipated gaming console of the new millennium. PS4 Vs Xbox One, when the two console bring out their products, rest assure there will be an all out war.

avast image

How To Create A Rescue Disk For Free

Creating The Rescue Disk On this article I’m going to show you how to create a rescue disk for free with Avast. People who aren’t computer savvy will think by just installing a anti-virus software that will eliminate all viruses, spyware, and malware. Don’t be embarrass if this sound like you, quite frankly, I too was duped in installing a …

How To Use A PS3 Controller With PC Games

On this article I’m going to show you how to use a PS3 controller with PC games. So if you’re new to PC gaming and not familiar with the whole keyboard and mouse setup. You could setup your PS3 controller to play your PC games. In just a few easy steps you shall have a fully functional PS3 controller.