Computer Fan Airflow Direction Tutorial

This is a article about computer airflow direction. Is your custom desktop overheating? The problem might be not enough airflow in your case. You could solve this problem by purchasing a couple of  inexpensive 120 mm fans. Depending on your case layout, you could position your fans around your major components (CPU, Graphic cards and RAM). 

Personally I have a Corsair 300R case. It does a beautiful job clearing up all the wires with cable management ties. Corsair set up the case where your able to install liquid cooling and/or additional fans. I just bought 2 $3.99 120 mm fans nothing fancy. I place it above the CPU and  the other above the graphic card.



The only thing you need to install these two inexpensive bad boys are:

  1. Phillips screw driver
  2. Can of compress air (to clean the dust out of your case while you’re in there)
  3. A couple of inexpensive 120 mm fan.

Watch this short tutorial on computer airflow direction.

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