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How To Create A Rescue Disk For Free

Creating The Rescue Disk

On this article I’m going to show you how to create a rescue disk for free with Avast. People who aren’t computer savvy will think by just installing a anti-virus software that will eliminate all viruses, spyware, and malware. Don’t be embarrass if this sound like you, quite frankly, I too was duped in installing a wide variety of software to get rid of that damn pop-up.

So here we go, let’s get started on created that rescue disk. First you need to download and install Avast’s software. This step is self explanatory. (If you need help with the installation let me know on the comment section).

Next you will need to download the rescue disk ISO file. Make sure you place the file some where easily accessible, ie. desktop. Click on Tools then Rescue Disk. In there you will have a choice in choosing which media you want to use. On this tutorial let’s go with CD.

***Video Tutorial At The Bottom Of The Article***

rescue disk

Once you click on CD it’ll prompt you to select the destination where the ISO will be created in. Is wise to select Desktop for accessibility. This might take a moment depending on your internet speed.

rescue disk

 rescue disk creating image

rescue disk completed

Burning The Rescue Disk

When your rescue disk has been created, you’re now ready to burn it to a disk. You’ll need a burn image software. The one I use is PowerISO. This software is free and best of all there’s no dirty tricks when it comes with malware. Sure there’s many other software that could do the job, what ever works best for you. Download and install PowerISO. (you don’t have to register it if you don’t want to)

When you’re done installing, open up the software. Click on Burn then a window is going to appear. Click on the folder to add the Rescue disk image you just finish downloading. Pick which DVD drive you going to be using (If you have more than one drive). And set the writing speed to the lowest setting to ensure no write errors occur. Then click on burn and wait until your image is burned to your disk.

rescue disk

rescue disk  burn image

Applying The Rescue Disk

Once your image is finish burning you could take out the disk, if you’re not planing to use it now. But if you are, then leave it in there restart your computer then while it’s booting up press whatever key to get into your BIOS. Once in there go into your BOOT priorities and set your DVD/CD drive to boot first. Save and restart your computer and let the rescue disk guide you through the process. The scanning usually takes anywhere between 30 mins to over an hour depending on your system.

So there you have it, you just got a free rescue disk, got it burn into a disk and now you’re ready to eliminate those pesky viruses out of your computer.

Comment below if you have any questions or you want to add into this tutorial.

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