how to install wireless router

How To Install Wireless Router

On this tutorial I’ll show you how to install your wireless router. You could literally install your router in less then 5 minutes including the time it took you to unpack your device. In fact, reading this tutorial will take longer than installing your wireless router.

So Why Are You Here?

Not everyone is able to jump right in head first without some guidance. That’s why you’re here! I’m going to show you how to install your wireless router the quickest and thorough way possible. The only thing you’ll need in this endeavor is your wireless router (of course), cable/DSL modem and some Ethernet cables.

netgear n600 wndr3400

I’ll be using NetGear N600 WNDR3400

Wireless Router Is Unpack Now What?

The First thing you what to do is make sure your internet service is up and running. To do this connect the Ethernet cable (internet cable) to your desktop/laptop directly. If you’re able to go to a website then you’re good to proceed. If not, unplug your cable modem for 30 seconds plug it back in and try again. Also make sure your antivirus is disable before trying again most internet suite has built in firewall that prevents any new internet connectivity. 

Wireless Router Setup

Most routers comes with 3 things.

  1. The Router (some with stands)
  2. Ethernet Cable
  3. And Power Adapter
install wireless router

Router, Ethernet cable and Power Adapter.

Take your wireless router out and put the foot stand on. Connect the Ethernet cable to your cable modem and then another cable to your desktop/laptop. And finally plug in the power adapter. Wait until your router finish cycling then check to see if you’re able to connect to a website.

install wireless router

Connect the yellow (or any color) Ethernet cable to your modem.

Setting Up Your Wireless Password

Most modern wireless router already comes with pre-installed password. For this particular model I had to go to the router’s configuration screen. If you have a older wireless router I could help you to setup your home network.

You’re Done!

Once you’re able to connect to a website, you’re done! See what I told you, reading this tutorial took longer then installing your wireless router. You don’t need to pay Geek Squad outrageous amount for an inexperience person. That’s way I’m here for Cheap Labor! :-) If you need some more guidance on setting up your password check my other tutorial how to setup your home network. Or send me a comment below. I would gladly help you out.

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