how to setup your home network

How To Setup Your Home Network

You just bought a new wireless router but don’t know how to setup your home network. I’m going to show you some easy steps to prevent unauthorized use.

Who Going To Use Your Network

You got to ask yourself who going to use your home network. Will young children be using the internet? Or does your teenager spend more time on Facebook then doing their homework? You could setup your home network to block certain site and also create a password without using the CD that came with your router.

Here how you setup your home network

Open up your internet browser and type in the address bar (you could copy and paste if you like). A pop up screen will appear to input your login information. If this is a brand new router the user name password should be:

  • user name=admin 
  • password=password or blank (leave the field blank)
how to setup your home network

Type in the address bar then enter the login information

If for some reason you’re having trouble gaining access to the router’s configuration screen. It could be that there’s an existing user name and password already setup.

But don’t worry!

You could easily go to the back of your router and depending on the brand, you could use a pen and press the reset button for 3-5 seconds and let it go. This will bring back your router to its factory settings.

You’re Inside That’s Great!

So once you’re in the configuration page, you’ll see a lot of jargon you might not understand. Don’t pull your hair just yet. You only here to setup your wireless and if you like the router’s password or blocking some sites.

how to setup your home network.

This is the page you will see once you’re inside.

Setting Up The Wireless Password

OK. Now is time to block those squatters from accessing your network. Depending on your router’s brand, look at the left side column under setup, press wireless settings. Is pretty much straight forward in the rest of the brands so don’t worry.

On this screen you’re able to setup the name which appears on your “Available Networks” and also the password. You could change the channel of your WiFi (I highly recommend it) so the other wireless devices (cordless phone, smart HDTV, etc…) in your home won’t interfere with the internet signal. Once you did the necessarily changes press apply in the bottom of the screen.

how to setup your home network

You could change your SSID (router’s name) and input your password.

Setting Your New Router’s Password

You could change the password for the router’s administration page (the configuration screen you’re in). Under maintenance, press “set password”. Type in the old password then the new one. Once completed press apply.

Easy I know.

how to setup your home network.

You could change the password for the configuration page.

How To Block Websites From Your Router

Now your ready to block those sites that your children love. I know this is the best part of this tutorial. Just imagine your teenager came home from school enable WiFi on their device to check on Facebook or any social media site and get a message “Web Site Blocked by NETGEAR Firewall”.

Parting is such sweet sorrow :-)

how to setup your home network

Result from a blocked website. HeHe!

This is how you do it. Under content filtering click on block sites. In the field you could type in either keywords or website names. I prefer doing website name. Enter as many names you feel you don’t want your child gaining access to. You could even schedule what time of the day to block those sites ie: 3pm-5pm.

how to setup your home network

This is the page that you’re able to block websites.

Once you finish entering the website that you want block click on apply and try accessing the website. If you get the same or similar message from above then you did it correctly.

See That Wasn’t Hard

You’re finish how does it feel to setup your home network all by your lonesome? It feels great right! I know the feeling 15 yrs ago :-). If you need more guidance feel free to comment below. As always it was a pleasure showing you how to setup your home network.

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