how to unpark cpu for battlefield 4

How To Unpark CPU for Battlefield 4


This is a  sure way to unpark your cpu. No need to download any spammy software to do this. Just follow this simple tutorial and you’ll be on your way to better PC performance.

These steps could easily work on WIN XP-WIN8. I have included a video as well as some screenshots to go along this tutorial. Feel confident in following my footsteps, you would not blow up your computer.

I promise…

Unpark CPU Tutorial Steps

  1. Copy the following registry key entry between the brackets [ 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 ].
  2. Select your start button.
  3. On the search bar type in “regedit”.
  4. Go to edit->find->find next.
  5. Paste this registry key but without quotes “0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583” and click find.
  6. Once it has located it, look for the keys on the right hand side labeled MinValue and MaxValue.
  7. Double click on each value and make sure they are both set to ‘0’.
  8. Close the registry editor and shut down your computer.
  9. Power the computer back up.
  10. Core Parking should now be disabled.

Go to your resource manager through your task manager and you will see that all cores are being in use.

Unpark CPU Video

Unpark CPU Screenshots

unpark cpu regedit

unpark cpu


how to unpark cpu

Now you should have an increase of performance. If you still have anymore issue pertaining to how to unpark your cpu, leave your questions on the comment section below.

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  1. Ricardo Pereira

    hello, I did everything right as he says the tutorial but when I check the Task Manager appears only 1 core. I was again in regedit to re-do the tutorial but the value is already at zero.
    my processor is intel core i5 4670k, I think that should appear 4 colors, am I correct?
    what can I do?
    thank you

    1. Bill391

      If its windows 8.1 when you’re in task manager go to the performance tab and select CPU on the left hand pane. On the graph right click and select “Change Graph To” then select “Logical processors”. This should help :)

  2. Hello123

    I have done all of this and it didn’t work, when I try to do it again it just says finished searching through the registry. Please help

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  3. That One Guy

    I gotta tell u something,

    You’re the best! I really appreciate your help 😀

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  4. epsilon1703

    Ok, im having issue with this, first few minutes it works awesome, much better perfomance, but after few minutes im having big lag, freezing, my fps droped to 5-10 and wont raise anymore, i have to quit the game, and my pc is slow, so i have to restart it, can someone help me with this ?

  5. Hunter White

    I searched the code in regedit but the only thing that pops up is the (default) file and it says finished searching through the registry. Can you help?

  6. john

    Ive tried this, and an external application to help unpark cores. When i go to resource monitor, it still says that i have 4/8 cores parked. Yes i have shut down, restarted , running as administrator, etc. I dont get it.

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