How To Use A PS3 Controller With PC Games

On this article I’m going to show you how to use a PS3 controller with PC games. So if you’re new to PC gaming and not familiar with the whole keyboard and mouse setup. You could setup your PS3 controller to play your PC games. In just a few easy steps you shall have a fully functional PS3 controller.

step 1

Go to and download their software. But beware not to click on the big green download button. You will be downloading something other then what you’re there for.

Don't click!
Don’t click!

Download your version of Windows.

Click your version of windows

Step 2

After you download the software. Unzip and run the .exe file. After that you will see a normal installation screen.

motion joy

When the installation is completed, open the file.

motion joy2

step 3

Plug your USB to the PS3 and open up the DS3 tool. Click on driver manager. Under hardware location check in the box next to “PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller”. Then load the driver.


…You will see this message once the driver has completed the installation.


final step

Click back to profile, make sure under connected game controller it shows the dual shock 3 then where you see XBOX 360 emulator click on the button and then enable. And finally do a vibration test, if your controller vibrates then you have succeeded. 

final step

If you want to use a Bluetooth adapter plug it in right now. Press the Bluetooth pair. On the bottom click pair now and your Windows should pair with your PS3. Unplug your USB and then go back to profiles and click vibrate test. If it works then your done.


Now your able to use your PS3 controller on any of your PC games. If you have a motioninjoy experience and willing to share or if you having issues, post it on the comment below.

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