PS4 Vs Xbox One

PS4 Vs Xbox One

It been weeks since the launch of the two most anticipated gaming console of the new millennium. PS4 Vs Xbox One, when the two console bring out their products, rest assure there will be an all out war.

On one corner we have Sony’s PlayStation 4. With millions of loyal gamers, mostly grateful for not have to pay for online gaming. Even though at times Sony’s servers feels like you’re waiting on the government cheese line; slow and erratic. 

And the other corner we have Microsoft’s Xbox One. With a following of a worldwide army lurking to lay the next siege to those damn Covenant punks. Xbox fans don’t mind paying for their online experience. What they get in return is a reliable, stable server with countless of hours playing their favorite games.

PS4 Vs Xbox One Comparison 

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PS4 Specs:

The PS4 is a true beast with a eight core AMD Jaguar chip on top of a blazing 1.84 teraflop GPU made on AMD’s Radeon technology. The system is also backed by 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and a 500GB HDD. A force to be reckon with.

The PS4 overall performance is ten times better then the PS3. And makes the PS4 even better, is that you’re able to replace the HDD for a larger capacity or swap it out with a SDD. Here’s the kicker, these DIY upgrades won’t void your warranty-The How To Man likes!

And what about USB you say? The PS4 has two front ports to allow for charging your controller even when the console is turned off. In the rear you have the HDMI, Ethernet, an optical out and a connection for the PlayStation camera.

For wireless connection, PS4 uses 802.11 b/g/n for WiFi and bluetooth 2.1 for the DualShock 4.

Xbox One Specs:

PS4 Vs Xbox One

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The Xbox One has similar specs in regards to the CPU. It also uses an eight core processor on AMD’s design with a 8GB of RAM, however the RAM will be DDR3 instead of PS4’s GDDR5.

It’ll also have USB ports along with 500GB mechanical HDD. Microsoft last minute switch to an X86 architecture will let you play your old 360 games.

The audio and video portions will support 1080P and 4K with 7.1 surround sound. Connectivity wise, the Xbox One have a HDMI 1.4 output and pass-through, USB 3.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet and the best part, three separate 802.11n radios to communicate with their controllers via WiFi Direct as well as devices like Windows based phones and tablets.

PS4 Vs Xbox One Graphics

Everyone have their opinion on the graphics between the two. I feel that the PS4 has a bigger advantage on the Xbox One.

They both carry AMD’s graphic technology, however the PS4 has more teraflops then the Xbox. And the fact that the Xbox uses DDR3, the PS4 has the greatest advantage with the GDDR5 technology.

Here is a video comparision of Battlefield 4:


The battle of the beast will not end anytime soon. But now you have an idea on what to expect. 

In the end it all comes down to your preference. I for one have move past gaming consoles and now I’m sticking to PC gaming exclusively. But if I have a choice I would buy the PS4. Because of the raw power it comes with.

Tell me what did you buy and why.

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