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Where To Buy A Xbox One

So you wasn’t among the thousand of die hard fans that waited for hours in the cold to get their hands on the Xbox One. Now most store are out of stock and you’re bitching to your friends that you should’ve, could’ve or would’ve but didn’t.

Stop your whining you sissy and continue reading!

Many of those people that waited for hours bought enough Xbox One to sell it off for a profit. If you have the cash and not willing to wait for the store to stock back up again. Here are some of the places that I’ve seen that has the Xbox One in stock.

Xbox One Get It While You Still Can!

Get the New Xbox One Console for Christmas, $499.99, Plus Must-Have Accessories

Alright pull yourself together and lets start looking for a Xbox One in stock.

I’ve been scurrying through Google searching for the best online price. I seen Ebay users selling the Xbox One for over $800! That shows you the power of supply and demand.

The best price I’ve seen so far is from With prices from $499-$649 you can’t beat this anywhere my friend. If you order by December 18, you’ll be able to get it before Christmas. But you got to hurry there’s only 4 left when i last checked on December 16.


Is the Xbox One Worth The Extra Moolah?

It all depends how badly you want it. If you’re a parent and your child keeps pestering you that the Xbox One is the greatest gift for Christmas, do you want to have a disappointed child or a child that just received the best gaming console money could buy?

Is up to you.

Or lets say you worked all summer long at that hell hole whatchamacallit job. And you want something to show for it. All your friends is getting or gotten the Xbox One, do you want to watch them play or join in on the action.

If it was me I’ll say go for it! Maybe is just my inner gaming nerd that want you to get it. But if I had $1000 to splurge on a console, games and accessories why not.

I want to hear from you guys, did you get the Xbox One on launch day? Or you still contemplating buying it?

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